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The KidsArt/ Drawn2Art Program

Through a step-by-step method, students, ages 4 - adult, are taught basic drawing and painting skills which result in art work that is realistic and attractive. Our students no longer experience boredom or frustration, as they are taught on an individualized basis according to their personal abilities and proficiencies, moving ahead at their own pace. This enables them to be given the artistic “tools” they need to create art for the rest of their lives. KidsArt/ Drawn2Art works with students to build skills. Starting with simpler two-dimensional work, students then progress to adding tone and color values to create three-dimensionality.

The Approach

KidsArt/ Drawn2Art’s philosophy is “creativity follows mastery,” and that a strong foundation of artistic skills will enable students to eventually follow any artistic path they choose. Just as the great Masters first became proficient in classical drawing and painting, so do KidsArt/ Drawn2Art students. Instruction, coupled with practice will bring about an independent and confident artist.

KidsArt/ Drawn2Art students learn how to see in a new way. They are shown that what may look difficult to draw at first glance is really simple once they learn how to see it piece by piece. KidsArt/ Drawn2Art teaches students how to measure with the eye, how to break something into its parts, and put it back together again to make a whole picture.

The student explores a wide array of drawing and painting mediums such as graphite, charcoal, pen and ink, pastels, watercolors, acrylics, oils and more. Once students are proficient in their drawing skills, they progress into the exploration of painting mediums. Students receive extensive instruction in the use of each painting medium, including color-mixing, painting techniques, and the proper use and care of materials.

We always take into consideration the students’ abilities and interests. This enhances learning of technical and artistic skills, while students are gaining patience, the ability to focus, and pride and confidence in their work.


Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Classes

KidsArt/ Drawn2Art teaches beginning, intermediate and advanced fine art drawing and painting techniques to children from ages 4-12, teens, and adults. Students are taught individually and work from their own program, taking into account personal interests and special needs. Classes are held year-round.


Specialized workshops are available, as well. Some of these are offered year round, and may include Clay Sculpture, Cartooning/ Animation, Anime, Figure Drawing & Portraiture, the Storybook Workshop, and Cartoon Paper Sculpture. Seasonal workshops for Halloween, Winter Holidays, Valentines Day, and other special events may also be offered. To receive more information about what your local studio offers, click Contact Us.

School Drawing Enrichment Program

KidsArt/ Drawn2Art offers an on-site school drawing enrichment program to public and private schools. Trained KidsArt teachers travel to each school site and teach a forty-five minute or one hour class to preschool, elementary and junior high school age students.

Mommy/Daddy & Me
Starting at age 3, some KidsArt studios offer classes for 3-4 year olds to take with a parent. Parents are taught how to help their young child learn to draw. This class is a joint class for both child and parent. Ask your local KidsArt/ Drawn2Art studio about this program.

Homeschool Classes
KidsArt/ Drawn2Art will work with homeschool groups within or outside our regular studio class times. Groups may come to our studios to be instructed in drawing, painting, clay sculpture, cartooning, animation, figure drawing, portraiture and more. To receive more information or set up a class time that fits into your homeschool needs, contact your local KidsAr/ Drawn2Art studio.