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The KidsArt/ Drawn2Art Mission

  1. To teach a quality program from which students enjoy learning the skills necessary to draw, paint, and create three-dimensional art realistically, progressing step-by-step at their level of ability, to become more competent and skilled at every level of the KidsArt program.
  2. To provide a warm and friendly environment in which inspirational teachers excel at helping, encouraging, and challenging each student to reach his or her individual, artistic potential.
  3. To provide service that is helpful, cheerful, and caring; creating a comfortable atmosphere that puts our families at ease.

What KidsArt/ Drawn2Art Parents and the News Have to Say...
Mission Accomplished!

Wanted to let you know Mihir is doing much better at home, school and outside in other classes. Part of the help came from the KidsArt class. Mihir is enjoying and also learning how to be calm and not get distracted. He is painting a lot at home, too.  Thank you once again.
– Roopali
"My child attends KidsArt [/Drawn2Art] classes and we love the program. The environment is totally positive and all the children are so peaceful and happy while they are there. It is obvious how much confidence the children build as they progress through the program, as I see it in my own child. They take all children, both those that have artistic skills and those without, and they show them what they can do.“
– Carol Veravanich
Our son has been attending KidsArt [/Drawn2Art] for three years. The teachers provide instruction in a kind, encouraging and professional environment. He is allowed freedom to develop at his own rate and loves his classes."
– Betsy Janson

"I want you to know how pleased we have been with KidsArt [/Drawn2Art]. The teachers went far beyond the role of paid teachers and became mentors instead. They helped my son pull together a portfolio for an art scholarship (which he won). Nothing can compare to the kind of instruction that Nathan received at KidsArt [/Drawn2Art]."
– Mary Jo Robinson

Creativity follows mastery. In order to become artistically creative, you need basic skills. KidsArt [/Drawn2Art] supplies that base."
– Los Angeles Times

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, these kids who are learning to draw and paint at KidsArt [/Drawn2Art] are acquiring a new language."

Here at KidsArt [/Drawn2Art] the philosophy is you are never too young or too old to learn how to draw. All you need is the desire and the interest."
– Channel 5 News
Rembrant, Jeff Plamenig, Adult
Rembrandt, Jeff, adult

A KidsArt Teacher Thanks Art Director, Ed Warren
"I very much wanted you to see the finished product of all the KidsArt instruction I have received. Your suggestions were greatly appreciated."
-Jeff Plamenig