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Ed and Sher Warren

KidsArt/ Drawn2Art Founders,
Ed and Sher Warren

The KidsArt/ Drawn2Art Founders

Ed Warren, Art Director, Director of Curriculum Development, and master teacher, started on his artistic path at the age of six years old. From his early youth, drawing and painting filled his days. As an adolescent he painted murals on the walls that adorned his family's home, and in high school he earned himself an "A" in a difficult science class by drawing anatomy charts for the teacher to use as teaching tools. In high school, he also exhibited his work, won painting awards, designed sets for his high school's plays, and designed and executed sets for UNESCO.

Throughout his adolescence he sketched at the Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He earned a Bachelors degree in art education from Montclair University in New Jersey, and a Masters of Fine Art degree from Rutgers University. While pursuing his studies he worked as a teaching assistant, helping other students reach their artistic goals.

After finishing graduate school, he taught art in a Boston, Massachusetts junior high school, getting some practical experience in his field. He then moved to Virginia where he taught art at the college level at Hampton University. He also continued to exhibit his work in national art shows. He supplemented his teaching by running the University museum. His years at Hampton University were filled with the excitement and turmoil of the sixties, challenging staff and students alike.

From Virginia he traveled to the Pacific Northwest, and then to San Francisco. He had always wanted to try his hand at commercial art, so began pursuing a career in that arena after moving to northern California in the late sixties.

For the next ten years he worked as a graphic designer and freelance commercial artist.Re-examining his work and his goals, he realized that teaching was his real passion, and so returned to his original profession by creating a thriving art department at a private school in Los Angeles. From there KidsArt/ Drawn2Art was born.

Ed & Sher at surprise KidsArt Gala

In 1986, married, with three young children, he and his wife, Sher, decided to start after school classes, teaching fine art drawing & painting. The classes became an overnight success, with families traveling long distances to study under Ed’s tutelage. Within nine months, their extracurricular program had attracted a hundred students from the ages of 4 years old-adults.

Seeing the great demand for quality fine art instruction, Ed devoted himself to developing curriculum that would enable him to teach a completely individualized program to all ages.

By 1987, families were imploring him to open studios in many different geographical locations, closer to their homes. To accommodate them, for the next five years KidsArt/ Drawn2Art studios opened in five different locations.

Sher now devoted herself to creating an organization that could serve the many different communities that were becoming a part of KidsArt/ Drawn2Art. She had to develop marketing and promotional programs, hire staff, create policy and put systems in place to ensure an efficient and smooth delivery of classes and programs. Ed was teaching, training teachers, developing and refining curriculum, and overseeing all the KidsArt/ Drawn2Art studios. This became more than a full-time occupation for them. They were now working side-by-side to continue expanding KidsArt/ Drawn2Art to teach in even more communities, while still maintaining an excellent quality of instruction and outstanding customer service. In the meantime, Ed was developing another program that could be exported to elementary schools on site for students who could not come to the studios for instruction. This developed into the KidsArt/ Drawn2Art Drawing Enrichment Program that is now taught in over thirty schools in southern and central California, as well as in the Seattle, WA area.

Rachael & Anna
(Ed & Sher’s daughters)
Both are Directors of KidsArt/ Drawn2Art Studios
Over the years, Ed has not only been a mentor to thousands of students, but he has trained hundreds of teachers as well, including his two daughters, who have chosen careers running their own KidsArt/ Drawn2Art studios. Because of his great enthusiasm, charisma, and extraordinary gifts as a teacher, many KidsArt/ Drawn2Art students grew up to become KidsArt/ Drawn2Art teachers (after completing their art degrees), and others went on to successful art careers in other artistically related fields. His deep integrity to the quality of the program has brought to so many a real understanding of how to draw and paint classically. From a small after-school program, started twenty-nine years ago, KidsArt/ Drawn2Art now teaches more than three thousand students weekly in multple studios, and in many public and private schools.