Featured Student

Natalie Muzsnai

KidsArt student, Natalie Muzsnai was born April 5, 2000. She started taking classes with KidsArt at the age of four. Natalie is currently a Senior in High School at Bishop Alemany High School in Mission Hills. She likes drawing, watching movies, hanging out with friends, listening to music, playing tennis and spending time with family. Her favorite thing about art is that she is able to express herself, and her feelings, using different mediums. Natalie’s favorite medium is acrylic paint, and she most enjoys drawing and painting animals. Natalie also enjoys working with children. She would like to pursue studying medicine, in hopes to someday become a pediatrician.

Featured Student's Artwork

Age 5, Crayon
Age 7, Crayon
Age 8, Watercolor
Age 10, Colored Pencil
Age 14, Watercolor
Age 14, Pastel
Age 15, Oil Paint

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