School Enrichment Program

KidsArt & Drawn2Art offers an on-site drawing enrichment program that teaches classical, realistic drawing skills to students in public & private pre-K, elementary & junior high schools.

The KidsArt/ Drawn2Art approach to drawing is based on the fact that any form can be broken down into simple shapes. Once the student's eye is trained to understand their size and placement, and the student's hand is trained to accurately represent what the eye has seen, that person can draw realistically.


Drawing is a learned subject, just like any other. Most people have the misconception, that either you just have "talent" or you don't, but this is not the case. With quality instruction, and a student's interest, anyone can learn to draw and paint competently. It is just a matter of taking it step-by-step per the student's ability, to avoid frustration or boredom.

Why this Program is Important

  • Strengthens confidence & pride
  • Lessens frustration & dissatisfaction
  • Enhances artistic abilities-in and out of school
  • Develops perception & small motor skills
  • Creates awareness of spacial relationships
  • Increases artistic interest now & into the future

Program Features

Georgia, age 8 & Corrine, age 9
Colored Pencil, Watercolor Crayon

  • Teach students, ages 4 - 13 years old
  • Individualized instruction
  • Age appropriate curriculum & instruction
  • Classes on-site during the day or after school hours
  • Teachers come to your school/organization location
  • Eight, ten or twelve week sessions offered
  • Fall, winter, spring & summer sessions available
  • Set-up and clean-up done by our teachers
  • We supply all art materials, information & registration
  • All tuition collection done by KidsArt/Drawn2Art
  • The school/organization only supplies a classroom

Media Used

  • Crayon
  • Oil Pastels
  • Watercolor Pencil
  • Marker
  • Colored Pencil
  • Watercolor Crayons

Subject Matter

  • Animals
  • Landscape
  • Figure & Portraiture
  • Cartooning
  • Still-Life

What School Directors and Principals Have to Say:

“For about 24 years, we have had the pleasure of offering KidsArt classes to our students at Montrose Christian Montessori School. Children from pre-K through grade six have benefitted from the finest in basic art skills instruction. Owners, Ed and Sher Warren, are as kind and helpful as they are professional. Ed's talent and experience in designing programs for all ages has been the difference between having a good, optional class and offering a cutting-edge, worthwhile investment in a child's educational experience. Sher brings strong organizational leadership to KidsArt, yet she is always available to discuss even the smallest financial or scheduling matters with us. [She] has a heart for making certain that KidsArt remains relevant to its clientele. I am delighted to offer my sincerest and strongest endorsement of KidsArt as one of the finest extra-curricular programs I have ever seen.“
Chris McReynolds, Director (KidsArt program there 1988-2011)

“KidsArt is highly beneficial and educational. Our staff students,and parents at First Steps Pre-School and Elementary have been very pleased with their curriculum, and program. They have been a real asset to our enrichment program.“
Katrine Ebrahimian, Director, (KidsArt program there 1997-present)

“KidsArt[/ Drawn2Art] teaches basic, step-by-step drawing skills to our students at Chatsworth Hills Academy in an after school fine arts enrichment program. Our students are learning how to approach drawing from a skill level which is in turn helping them develop a sense of pride and self-confidence in their artwork.“
Michelle Marburton, Chatsworth Hills Academy, (KidsArt program there 1989-2010)

James, age 7, marker

Lleana, age 6, oil pastel

What Students and Parents Have to Say:

“Miss Kim, before I took this art class, I was a good artist, but now... I am a Great artist."“
- Enrichment Student, Nicholas, Age 5

“My son has been here [at KidsArt] twice and both times he left the class with a smile. Ms. Melissa is the teacher who works with my son, and I was surprised that she remembered his work at the second class. I also like the fact that the students got to start a new drawing when they finished the one they were working on (not like other places where kids just hang around until they are pickedup if they finish their work early). “
Ellie Y.

“My daughter has taken classes with KidsArt for the last 3 years in the school enrichment program. Her progress has been phenomenal. She has learned valuable techniques such as strokes, blending, shades, depth and dimension. Most importantly, she enjoys the classes and looks forward to it weekly. Thank you, KidsArt!“
- Kim N.

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