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KidsArt & Drawn2Art teaches students realistic drawing and painting. Curriculum is varied to include teaching still-life, the figure, landscape, portraiture, cartooning, animation, clay sculpture and more. This high quality fine art program offers art instruction that goes far beyond cut and paste, and arts & crafts. It teaches a student how to "see" in a new way and offers basic understanding of how to draw and paint.

Realistic drawing and painting skills help strengthen confidence, which in turn lessens frustration. KidsArt & Drawn2Art drawing and painting instruction helps students avoid continual dissatisfaction with their artistic abilities, so that they will not eventually give up pursuing art as a viable interest. Drawing and painting are learned subjects, just like any other.

KidsArt studios are located throughout Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire. Drawn2Art studios are located in Northern California, San Diego, and the Seattle, WA area.

Maya, KidsArt Student, Age 7
Maya, Age 7


How our students develop using the KidsArt/ Drawn2Art Method:

Skills in first month
Skills in 6 months
Skils after 18 months
Skills in first month
Skills after six months
Skills after 18 months

About KidsArt & Drawn2Art

KidsArt & Drawn2Art takes a very classical approach to teaching drawing and painting. What this means is that instruction coupled with practice, will bring about an independent and confident artist. This is not unlike the apprentice system used in the days of the Renaissance. Students worked for master painters for years before they ever became "masters" themselves.

After teaching tens of thousands of students for more than two decades, KidsArt & Drawn2Art has shown that we can teach any student (who has the desire to learn) to draw and paint competently. The root of the word "talent" means "inclination of mind," thus students who want to learn need only bring their "interest," and we will supply inspiration and quality instruction. After months with KidsArt & Drawn2Art, students and their families are constantly amazed at their new abilities, and, that it is really fun to learn to draw and paint!

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